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Anna Gonchar


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phone: +7904 5189829

I’ve been employed by Invertebrate Zoology Department since receiving a MSc degree here in 2012. I’ve also started a PhD studies here in September 2013. My scientific interests lie within the ecological aspects of parasitology; the current projects deal with the studies of trematode life cycle realization in the marine coastal ecosystems, and also the problems of phylogeny and systematics. The second major area of interest is elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of complex life cycle regulation in trematodes using NGS data.

In order to get a better understanding of bioinformatics I have started a 3 semester course «Bioinformatics for biologists» in Bioinformatics Institute in 2013.

I have joined the Robert Poulin lab (University of Otago, New Zealand) for an internship and have also made a research visit to University of Reims (France). In the last few years I’ve made oral and poster presentations on several conferences.

I also manage a series of invited lectures in biology in SPbU —«Bioseminars». These have been active since 2010 and feature a wide range of topics, as well as some of the most prominent scholars.

What I enjoy most in science is a combination of fieldwork, benchwork and computer work.

Enjoying traveling and foreign languages (English, German); have completed studies in music school (piano) in 2013.

The sport hobbies are swimming and cycling, but I also wish I could start cross-country skiing some day.

It’s most important not to be indifferent in any aspect of life, and also to keep on studying all the time.

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