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Andrey Vishnyakov


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Scientific interests:

symbiosis of invertebrates, morphology and physiology of ciliates, vermiculture.


«Biodiversity», «Soil zoology», «Biology and principles of ecology».

Selected papers:

  1. Vishnyakov A., Rodionova G. Motile intranuclear symbionts of ciliate Paramecium multimicronucleatum. In: From Symbiosis to Eukaryotism - Endocytobiology VII, (E.Wagner et al., eds.) Geneva University Press, 1999, P.169-177.
  2. Vishnyakov A., Rautian M., Lebedeva N. Possibly new intranuclear symbionts of Paramecium caudatum. 2001. Protistology. 2, 2. P. 35-38.
  3. Karajan B. P., Vishnyakov A. E. Comparison of two aposymbiotic ciliate subclones of Climacostomum virens according to their capacity to reinfection. 2001. Tsitologia. 7. P. 714-720.
  4. Karajan B.P., Vishnyakov A.E. Endosymbiotic bacteria and their interaction with chlorella in ciliate Climacostomum virens. 2002. Tsitologia. 44, 12: 17-22.
  5. Weber J. H., Vishnyakov A., Hambach K., Schultz A., Schultz J.E., Linder J. U. Adenylyl cyclases from Plasmodium, Paramecium and Tetrahymena are novel ion channel/enzyme fusion proteins. 2004, Cellular Signalling, 16: 115125.
  6. Ereskovsky A. V., Gonobobleva E., Vishnyakov A. Morphological evidence for vertical transmission of symbiotic bacteria in the viviparous sponge Halisarca dujardini Johnston (Porifera, Demospongiae, Halisarcida). 2005, Marine Biology, 146: 869875.
  7. Karajan B. P., Vishnyakov A. E., Tavrovskaya M. V., Vasyanin S. I. Infection of algae-free Climacostomum virens with symbiotic Chlorella sp. isolated from algae-containing C. virens.2007, Eur. J. Protistology, 43: 41146.
  8. Vishnyakov A.E., Ereskovsky A.V. Bacterial symbionts as an additional cytological marker for identification of sponges without a skeleton. 2009, Mar.Biol. 156:16251632. DOI 10.1007/s00227-009-1198-x.
  9. Ereskovsky A.E., Sanamyan K., Vishnyakov A.E. A new species of the genus Oscarella (Porifera: Homosclerophorida: Plakinidae) from the North-West Pacific.2009, Cah.Biol.Mar. 50: 369-381.

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