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Department of Invertebrate Zoology
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Vasily Zlatogursky

Vasily Zlatogursky

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Scientific interests:

Protistology, Biodiversity, taxonomy and phylogeny of heliozoans

Selected papers:

  1. Zlatogursky V. V. 2014. Two new species of centrohelid heliozoans: Acanthocystis costata sp. nov. and Choanocystis symna sp. nov. // Acta Protozool. 53 [4]: 311-322.
  2. Zlatogursky V. V. 2013. Puzzle-like cyst wall in centrohelid heliozoans Raphidiophrys heterophryoidea and Raineriophrys erinaceoides // Acta Protozool. 52 [4], 229-236.
  3. Zlatogursky V. V. 2012. Raphidiophrys heterophryoidea sp. nov. (Centrohelida: Raphidiophryidae), the first heliozoan species with a combination of siliceous and organic skeletal elements. // Eur. J. Protistol. 48 [1], 9-16.
  4. Zlatogursky V. V. 2011. Heliozoans // Protists: Handbook on zoology. — St-Petersburg.; Moscow: KMK Scientific Press. Part 3. 474 p. (in Russian).
  5. Zlatogursky V. V. 2010. Three new freshwater species of centrohelid heliozoans: Acanthocystis crescenta sp. nov., A. kirilli sp. nov., and Choanocystis minima sp. nov. // European Journal of Protistology 46[3], 159-163.

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