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Sergei Korsun, s_korsun[at]
Elena Golikova, quinqueloqulina[at]
Ivan Kuznetsov, allogromia[at]
Olga Knyazeva, knyazeva.sp[at]
Dmitry Mikhailov, streptocid-mx[at]
Anna Yudina, caseinway[at]

Selected publications

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  5. Foraminifera, monothalamid, allogromiid
    Fig. 5. The reticulopodial network of an unidentified allogromiid from the White Sea. Compound microscope Leica DMI-3000, phase contrast.
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Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Tempel fjord, Tuna tidewater glacier
Fig. 4. RV Jan Mayen at a tidewater glacier in Svalbard, 2008.

Foraminifera: ecology and paleoecology, morphological and molecular systematics, and cell biology; biomonitoring

University of Tromsø, Norway
GEOMAR, Germany
University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Study areas
- Spitsbergen
- White Sea
- Kara Sea
- Patagonia

2008 June-July, Barents Sea, coastal expedition.
2008 August, Greenland Sea, RV Jan Mayen.
2008 September-October, Caspian Sea, RV Rift.
2009 August, Barents Sea, RV Dalnie Zelentsy.
2009 September-October, North Pacific, RV Sonne.
2010 August, Svalbard, RV Lance.
2010 September, Barents Sea, coastal expedition.
2011 August, White Sea, coastal expedition.
2011 September, Kara Sea, RV Akademik Mstislav Keldysh.
2012 June, White Sea, coastal expedition.
2012 July, White Sea, RV Professor Kuznetsov
2013 February, Patagonia, coastal expedition.


White Sea, Chupa, Korsun, Mikhailov, Yudina, Kuznetsov White Sea, Chupa, Golikova, Mikhailov
Fig. 1. Intertidal samples. I. After a field trip. Sample processing on a pontoon pier of the Marine Biological Station of SPbSU; S.Korsun, D.Mikhailov, A.Yudina, I.Kuznetsov, 2011. II. Intertidal sampling, White Sea; E.Golikova, D.Mikhailov.
Fram Strait, Jan Mayen, multicorer Svalbard, Lance, Knyazeva
Fig. 2. Multicorer. I. Successful deployment of a multicorer with 6 large-diameter liners, Greenland Sea. II. The cores with sediment are taken to the lab of RV Lance, O.Knyazeva, 2010.
Van Veen grab
Fig. 3. Van Veen Grab is ready for deployment.
Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Tempel fjord, Tuna tidewater glacier Svalbard, box corer, Jan Mayen
Fig. 4. Box corer. I.RV Jan Mayen at a tidewater glacier in Svalbard, 2008. II. Box-core successful deployment.


Foraminifera, Elphidium batiale
Fig. 1. Elphidium batiale multichambered calcareous shell, North Pacific. Scanning electron microscopy; scale bar 0.1ámm.
Foraminifera, Elphidium margaritaceum
Fig. 2. Elphidium margaritaceum, White Sea. Yellowing cytoplasm, which fills all but ultimate chamber, and brown chloroplasts of prey diatoms are seen through the translucent calcareous wall. Compound microscope Leica DMI-3000, phase contrast, stacked optical planes.
Foraminifera, monothalamid, allogromiid, Toxisarcon
Fig. 3. Large naked foraminiferan Toxisarcon sp. in a cocoon of detritus and with deployed pseudopodia, Kara Sea. Dissecting microscope Leica 205-C, stacked optical planes; scale bar 1ámm.
Foraminifera, monothalamid, allogromiid, Shepheardella
Fig. 4. Shepheardella sp., a single-chambered foraminiferan with a soft organic test from the White Sea, the anterior part of the test with the aperture and reticulopodia. Compound microscope Leica DMI-3000, phase contrast.
Foraminifera, Milioloda, Cornuspira involvens
Fig. 6. Macroscopic foraminiferan Cornuspira involvens, Kara Sea. A reflex camera, scale bar 10ámm.

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