Saint-Petersburg State University
Faculty of Biology

Department of Invertebrate Zoology
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Evolutionary morphology and reproductive biology of aquatic invertebrates

Head of the Group:
Andrew N. Ostrovsky, PhD, DSc, Professor

Current research:
  • Evolution of reproductive patterns in the marine colonial epibionts
  • Bryozoan life-histories (examples from the White Sea)
  • Systematics and biogeography of cheilostome bryozoans
  • Ultrastructure and evolution of placental analogues in Bryozoa
  • Comparative mioanatomy of marine bryozoans
  • Comparative larval morphology and evolution in marine bryozoans
  • Comparative avicularian neuro- and mioanatomy in marine bryozoans
  • Bacterial symbionts of marine Bryozoa
Planned research:
  • Bacteriophages of marine bryozoans
  • Genomics and transcriptomes of marine Bryozoa
  • Evolution of bryozoan polymorphism
  • Integrity systems in marine bryozoans
  • RSF grant 18-14-00086 “Evolution of the placental analogues in a phylum of aquatic colonial invertebrates (Bryozoa)”, 2018-2020
  • RFBR grant 20-34-90081, “Evolution of neuromuscular system of avicularia in Bryozoa”, 2020-2022
Expeditions and field works:
White, Northern, Black and Mediterranean Seas

Andrey E. Vishnyakov (Associate Professor)
Olga N. Kotenko (Research Assistant)
Uliana A. Nekljudova (PhD student)
Ekaterina T. Shevchenko (PhD student)
Xenia M. Serova (PhD student)
Elena V. Belikova (PhD student)
Vladimir A. Kutjumov (PhD student)
Anna Y. Kvatch (PhD student)
Nadezhda P. Karagodina (Master student)
Evgeny Bogdanov (BSc)

Links and partners:
The Natural History Museum, London
University of Vienna
New Zealand Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
International Bryozoology Association

Recent publications:

  1. Schwaha T.F., Ostrovsky A.N., Wanninger A. (2020). Key novelties in the evolution of Bryozoa: evidence from the soft-body morphology. Biological Reviews 95(3): 696-729. DOI: 10.1111/brv.12583
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