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Biodiversity, systematics and phylogeny of the order Himatismenida (Amoebozoa, Lobosa, Discosea) and similar taxa

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This web page is dedicated to the order Himatismenida Page, 1987 that until now remains one of the least studied clades of lobose amoebae. It aims at creating the base for understanding the diversity of this group, its phylogeny and systematics. Here the reader will find a summary of knowledge on features of the himatismenid taxa down to the level of species, species checklists, information necessary for species identification, links to molecular data where available and references to the literature. For video records of the species presented here, please, check our .

We are planning to update this page regularly as new data is being collected, so if you are interested, make sure to check for updates regularly. Also, if you have any comments, criticism, or are willing to contribute to the project, please, feel free to contact us.

Other projects. If you have a more general interest in various groups of Amoebozoa, visit our web page on amoebae in the deep-sea habitats

Supported by the research grant 12-04-01835-a from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

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