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Acantharia, Phaeodaria, Taxopodida

These are ~70 illustrations from my chapters «Acantharia», «Phaeodaria», and «Taxopodida» in the 3rd volume of the Russian guide Protista. If you teach Protistology, Micropaleontology or similar classes, you may find the images useful (e.g. compare the squashed fly that represents Sticholonche in all compilations to the new copy of the original illustration [Fig. 101]). I am grateful to all colleagues who contributed advice or photo or in other way facilitated the accomplishment.

@Copyright. Images copied from old books (e.g. Schewiakoff 1926) are in the public domain. I do not know whether those published during the 1950s and 1960s (e.g. Hollande and Enjumet 1954; Reschetnjak 1966) have expired copyrights. Anyway, these old publications are now difficult to access, and I believe it is just to make early authors’ drawings broadly accessible. New illustrations are copyrighted. However, the Publishers have informed me that they will be satisfied by their website referred to (KMK Scientific Press Ltd.,, in case the images are distributed.

The notation is partly in Russian, because the book is published in Russian. Cyrillic encoding would better be enabled in your browser. Please contact me, if you still see suspicious umlauts in the captions and have trouble deciphering them.

Many illustrations are heavy (compressed TIFFs of 1M to 40M). The space allocated on the server currently is limited. So, the illustrations, for which the TIFF exceeds 1M, are represented by lighter demo versions (GIF or JPEG of 50K to 300K). If you prefer to have the full-size TIFF, let me know (s_korsun{at}, and I will send it to you. When the restriction on the size of the webpage is dropped, we will upload all the TIFFs.

28 May 2012, Sergei Korsun

Volume frontispiece

Phylogeny of Eukaryota
Phylogeny of Eukaryota (compiled in 2011). The taxa described in Protista I, II, III are highlighted.
Download high-resolution eps 0.2 Mb, wmf 0.4 Mb, or tiff 50% 2.5 Mb.

Reference: Protista. III. Handbook of Zoology (Ed. S.A. Karpov), Moscow, KMK Scientific Press Ltd., 475 pp. + 26 color plates [in Russian]

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